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Tsunami in Japan – disaster for our nature, fishing, navigation, foreshore and beaches, for ever !

See this: In a couple or more years, when most of the tsunami debris will hit The BC coast, the headline might read like this: “Johnson Straight closed by Tsunami debris !”   More images: Here you can see them all. Including   These are just sample pictures of what … Continue reading

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MS Trollfjord visiting Hjorundfjord

The coastal cruise ships are visiting Hjorundfjord for the month of September as a trial run. See article: and more pictures.

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Railroads and horses’ asses, and other measurements

As you can see history repeat itself not only in our daily lives but in the construction of old and new elements: Railroad tracks… ( I have seen this before, but it is still funny, true facts, and thought awakening ! … Continue reading

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Roads on the west coast of Norway

here are some driving experiences on the west coast of Norway, enjoy !

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Arthur Colin Stanley-Clarke, Farmer and Gentleman, passed away

Some people make an impression on you. Arthur Clarke was one that made a positive impression on me. Arthur Clarke, Farmer and Gentleman I first met Arthur when I came to the Sunshine Coast in ’82. I brought with me … Continue reading

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Road hazard

I have seen some pretty bad roads, but this one in Norway take the cake. Here are more bad road conditions. VG Newspaper asked readers to mail in their worst local road conditions.  Oil rich Norway have a problem maintaining … Continue reading

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Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 810 vs Mt. Slesse.

It must have been early 70’s, an English mountain climber I knew, asked me to come along on a climb to Mt. Slesse, on the south side of Chilliwack, on the USA border. Jack …. did not give me all … Continue reading

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