This file will have just random pictures.

Many more at the various blogs on different subjects.

Middle son found and saved a box of old pictures, I will over the next weeks paste some


Vancouver mid ’60’s, Chris, Bjorn, Lidvar, Hank , Ole, Arne, Sverre and more

4th. & Burrard, Scandinavian Furniture, Ken, Margareth, Girl, Eggerth, Chris, Erik. Gastown Viking Battle, Jean-Claude, Therese an Umberto Skiing at Big White, Fishing with Bjorn in D’Arcy, fishing with Knut in Squamish, working with Nils in Jacklah River, birthday party at La Creperie, Gastown, Harry, Terese, Peggy, chef, Thomas, Margareth, Jean-Claude, and more.

Vernon mid ’90’s, Hans feeding the horses, see “Danielle” the Percheron 2200lbs. drafthorse, a most beautiful gentle horse, and Bordercollie “Lita” checking out some chicks.

Moosehead, Wolfie, a Turkish Mountain Sheep Guarding Dog, with a moosebone, chickens and lambs in the shadow from the hot sun

Free range chickens, and a curious Corrydale Ram

Gila and Oddvin dinner at Bella Beach in Sechelt. This picture was used in their brochure for a long time. 

Hans Olaf and family visiting Vernon in ’94

Full storm Feb. 24th. 2011

Young Wilson, summer 2001. We had ten good years, best buddies, man’s best friend. Now waiting for the time he has to be put down, the worst time. He is almost blind, bad hips, but still eager for his small walks and still a good appetite. Likes to be inside, sleeps a lot, but are ready in the morning for his walk. When the phone rings he barks, and he is still trying to be part of the team.

* * * * *

Portrait of a Highland cow sleeping.

Highlander sleeping

Corporal Oddvin Vedø, Norwegian Kings Guard, 1964 “The long March”, from Hjerkin to Rena, with 52 horses, half of them carrying hay for food, the other halv suiteable weapons for a troop on foot in the early winter time in the Norwegian mountains. We could not trust that there would be snow, therefore no skies, and the horses.

The march started at Hjerkin, in November, snow and bitter cold, but the ground was not frozen. The 150 men could march on the ground, but the 52 heavy loaded horses, sank into the mud, sometimes to their belly. We just had to rip the weapons off the packs, drag the horses out, and the weapons were left in the mud. We had to get going, and save the horses.

After crossing the open icy rivers, we had to put on dry clothes.

Read and see more of this trip in the posts; ” The long March”

Icy cold lunch.





* * * * *

“Larsen” in a commercial, where he sat as an old grandfather on a rocking chair. It took some time, but he rocked on TV for years.

Hank and Helen from Portland Oregon.  Hank was in Vietnam. When he came out of there alive, they took a trip to Paris. Hank had a queer uncle living on a houseboat on the Seine. I was in Copenhagen at a furniture show. Hank and Helen bicycled from Paris to Copenhagen to visit me, as a surprise.

The they bicycled to Norway to visit my parents. The later established a “Creperie” restaurant in Portland. I like to hear from you ? Me and my family have enjoyed their beach house at the Oregon Beach.

Everybody is a bear hunter.

Since my first trip in ’67 I have crossed the Atlantic 67 times, more the most airline captains.

Skiing all year, mis summer at Mt. Baker, + some partying, ” Larsen” in my heals

Christmas morning 2010

1982 – 91 Mission Point, Sechelt. Top left “Tika” a very good working/riding horse I had for many years, and Burns  lake  1979 – 82 a couple of horses and feathered friends. Bottom left, 1980 Burns Lake, St.Bernard “Larsen” getting some winter sun, Hans skiing. Bottom right: “Larsen” a St. Bernard I had from 1969 – 1981. He came from a litter of 16 in Surrey, picture in the newspaper, begging for someone to take some pups and feed them. I picked him up the next day, fit in the palm of my hand, became about 100 kg. See story. Here fishing in Howe Sound.

1981 left “Larsen” at the porch in Burns Lake. The pictures to the right: 1991 – 97 St.Bernard “Sophie” and Lars at Vernon B.C.

1991 -97 Okanagan Springs Brewery Old Boys Soccer team, in Vernon B.C. We had one team in the 35 + league, and one in 45 + , I played on both, and in addition I coached a ladies 33+ team. Yes, I remember all the names and will fill them in later, if somebody helps me. This is the over 45 team.

1985 EDAC (Economic Development association of Canada) annual conference at Hyatt Hotel in Vancouver B.C.

I was Chairman of E.D.A. (Economic Development association) of B.C that year, and arranged the one week conference and seminar with over 500 participants from Canada, US and Asia. The theme was Pacific Rim Trade. I will have a few stories from the conference and this time later.

1989 -90 Deer on Queen Charlotte Island are plentiful, small, and very quite.

1979 – 1996 “Browney” was one of my first true blood Scottish Highlanders cattle. I had a herd of about 15 for many years. There is no better meat, no finer hides, no nicer cattle; than the highlanders. I will have lots of stories in my farming experience.

Looking a rock cod in the eyes, after stealing my live herring, during salmon mooching at Pender Harbour ca. 1982 – 87 The rock cod is very tasty eating.

1995 in Vernon. Lars riding “Strawberry”  with “Lita” following. Strawberry was an old cattle working horse in Southbank, that I got very reasonable because her working life was over, when she got blind on one eye. I had her  for 15 years or more, and I have a few stories about that later;  she was one of the nicest horses I ever had.

1961 – 67 My Bordercollie “Lita” with sheep at Vernon B.C. Working for the Okanagan Indian Band we had 3. 500 sheep in the summertime, clearing  planted areas for weeds, on contract for the Ministry of Forest.

The one picture show “Lita” between sheep one rainy day we had to inoculate 1.500 sheep for a foot desice. The othe picture show a New Zealand sheep working dog herding 1.500 sheep throug newly planted area. We got paid by The Ministry of Forest to clean (eat) the weed that choked the small planted spruce and pine. Two or three years of grazing was needed to get the plants to stand on their own.

See Working sheep in Vernon

1967 Ready for a dive into the favorite fishing hole, dozens of large steelhead salmon could be seen in the clear water

1967 Crossing the Jacklah River about 5 km. upstream.

My first Ford Van in front of Scandinavian Imports Ltd. at 157 Waterstreet in Gastown, 1968 – 79

 1989 This old Cedar log near Sandspit at Queen Charlotte Island is over 30 m. long and  partly holed out in the center to become a canoe, but somehow the work ended, may be 100 years ago ! An out of the way tourist attraction.

1998 – 2010 Oddvin at Moa Golf, Aalesund, Norway

1979 – 82 Burns Lake farm, Hans on skis. Nothing tastes better than homegrown turkeys, ducks, chickens, pheasants, geese and a few more feathered friends.

Ca. 1984 – (1982 – 91) Lars helping feeding livestock at Sunshine Coast. I rented 5 miles of hydro power lines for pasture. Horses, Highlander cattle and sheep was there year round. Plenty of farming stories to come.

1981 Hunting trip to the B.C. – Alaska border mountains. Grizzly, Moose, Reindeer and most interesting, a large heard of mountain goats.

1979 My first job as Economic development Commissioner for Bulkley-Nechako Regional District in Burns Lake B.C.

I worked there 1979 – 1982, when I was moved to the same position at Sunshine Coast Regional District at Sechelt B.C.

1980 Hans skiing at Burns Lake farm on the Uncha Lake Road.

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