People I have met, and some have made an impression on me !

Starting from day one!

I have had a rich life with many experiences, met a lot of interesting people. This is going to take the rest of my life to complete.

Some I have only seen from a distance when attending functions, but they can still make a lasting impression. Oh yes, some is bragging, some namedropping, but I was there

  • ’54 Leif Tomren       My uncle Leif took me on a camping trip   in ’54 when I was 10 years old, together with aunt Borgny. Down the west coast of Norway, to the very southern part, with sunny beaches, a great trip for me....Uncle Leif was a devoted Christian, very good salesman, left nothing unfinished, carefully investor, and fair to work for. I wish I had some more of his qualities. I felt more like a son or a friend, as I started working for him and Leto Mobelfabrikk when I was 16, and attended a local private business school. We actually lived in the office end of the barracks that was the factory, and in ’61 he had the very first black and white  TV in the area, many came to see, but there was nothing to see, just a blur. Leto was the very first Norwegian furniture factory to deliver to IKEA. The serious furniture dealers in Oslo frowned at, and boycotted IKEA suppliers. But Leif knew how to benefit from this. The furniture manufacturers that wanted to sell special items to IKEA, would come to Leto and reload the furniture into the Leto truck. I was the van driver, among other jobs, and delivered the items to IKEA with a tidy profit. At that time the plant was always closed on Saturday and Sunday, and Leif would make sure these days were used for skiing or hiking trips, but during the work week the days were long. After serving in the Kings Guard in ’64, I worked one more year, and left for Canada. The reason why I never started smoking. At this time, most kids smoked before they left school. At one lunch hour at the factory, I felt something was wrong with my coffee,  emptied the mug and poured a new one. Ate my dark brown bread with brown goat cheese. My stomach reacted right away. The men thought it was funny. It was nothing wrong with my coffee, they had emptied the juice from their pipes on my bread, under the cheese. The rest of the day I spent hanging over a pile of lumber, throwing up, and not able to do a thing. I never started smoking, feeling sick just thinking of the taste. Black chewing tobacco will do the same trick, if you get a kid to swallow it. Do not try this at home, unless you permanently want to stop your kids from smoking, for ever!
  • ’54 Billy Graham          On this camping trip we attended a large christian gathering, the main event was Billy Graham preaching in a huge tent. At 10 years old I was more interested in playing with the girls around the camping ground. Anyone that ever met this man, would never forget.    Some quotes:
  • ’63 Tormod Knudsen         Nordic Combined Athlete, Olympic Gold Medal winner. Tormod was a salesman at Eidsvoll Verk Sawmill, and I met him there, my uncle purchased material for Leto Mobelfabrikk. Most Fridays a group of men attended a sauna, in the winter time, after a skiing trip.
  • ’63 Wenche Myhre
  • ’64 Serving in The Norwegian Kings Guard
  • ’64 Obertsloytnant Paulsen
  • ’64 King Olav 5th., late King of Norway
  • ’64 Crown Prince Harald, Now King Harald of Norway
  • ’64 Helmut Rechnagel
  • ’64 Kirk Douglas
  • ’64 Jim Reeves  concert in Oslo
  • ’64 Chet Atkins
  •  ’64 Anita Kerr Singers
  • ’64 Bobby Bare
  • ’64 Nikita Kruthchev
  • ’65 American Ambassador to Oslo
  • ’65 Eldar Saetre. Soskenbarn.
  • ’66 Emigrating to Canada
  • ’66 Nils Skulbru, Canadian National X-Country skiier
  • ’66 Knut Solli
  • ’66 Ornulf Johnsen
  • ’66 Dag Aaby
  • ’67 Seppo
  • ’68 Ace Aasen, Mayor of Gastown
  • ’69 Jean-Claude Ramond Jean-Claude Ramond 
  • ’69 Joel Thibault 
  • ’69 Umberto Menghi
  • .
  • ’70 Jack Wasserman
  • ’70 Julie Christie
  • ’71 Jack Webster
  • ’72 Stein Eriksen
  • ’73 Unni Terjesen
  • ’75 Torbjorn Yggeseth
  • ’76 Alan Thicke set up a talk show at the Burnaby Studios of BCTV. I helped him with all furniture and design from Scandinavian Imports at 157 Water Street in Gastown. Alan was often in the store, and if I recall right, the talkshow lasted two years Alan Thicke News  ShowFrom his devotion to hockey to his ever-present pride in his homeland, Alan Thicke held a special place in the hearts of Canadians.
  • ’77 “Pele” 
  • ’78 John Colville
  • ’78 Bill Gilgan, Planner, Bulkley-Nechako 

Here is the notice from Alumni trek, UBC

William W. Gilgan BSF 50, was born in Castor, AB, on July 7, 1917, and passed away in his beloved Burns Lake on August 7, 2012, one month to the day after he celebrated his 95th birthday with family and friends.

A true pioneer, Bill moved with his family to homestead on Tchesinkut Lake, 15 km south of Burns Lake, in 1918. He was the first person to complete high school in Burns Lake, graduating in 1936.

Bill served in the RCAF as a navigator during WWII, and enrolled at UBC at the end of the war, graduating with a degree in forestry. With the completion of his education, Bill relocated his family back to Burns Lake and worked there in various forestry-related positions until the mid-’60s, when he left the industry to pursue another interest, becoming the planning director for the regional district of Bulkley-Nechako. Bill remained in that capacity until his retirement in 1983.

In retirement, Bill remained active, serving several years as a marriage commissioner, and maintaining his lifelong love of fishing, hunting and the outdoors in general, by running his trapline until well into his 80s.

William will be remembered most for his active participation in the community that he had called home since before it was incorporated. He was very active in politics at the local level, serving two periods as mayor of Burns Lake for a total of 23 years. He was challenged, but never defeated at the polls during that tenure. Bill was the last surviving founding member of the Rotary Club of Burns Lake, chartered in 1953. Bill is survived by his wife of 27 years, Kathleen, and six children by two of his three marriages.

I had the pleasure to work with Bill from ’79 – 82′ as Economic Development Commissioner for the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako. Bill was the Planner. He knew everybody, and every back road and trail,every creek, pond and lake in the Lakes District. He took me along and showed me the best fishing and trapping.

He had a series of trap lines, I followed him a few times, but trapping is nothing for me. I like to see the muskrat, beaver, wolf and coyote live in nature. He was also a very skilled hunter. He got his moose every year, at the east end of Burns Lake, using his beloved canoe, the moose would come down feeding in the lake every day int he early morning.

I tried his recipes on beaver tail, it is fatty, ok grilled, but must be soaked in vinegar overnight. The musk-rat stew tasted like musk-rat, because I knew what is was. He probably had the only swimming pool in the whole area, at that was nice.

We had many discussions, and I tried arguing with him, on some of my pet projects, but must admit that he was always right at the end. His knowledge of the land and the people was earned over a life time. He could see the whole picture. I never met a person like Bill.

  • ’78 Mirielle Matteu
  • ’79 – ’82 Economic Development Commissioner, Bulkley-Nechako
  • ’79 Fred ( Andrew Frederick) Shortreid, Mayor of Smithers, BC   When I started work as a Regional Economic Development Commissioner for Bulkley-Nechako, Fred was the first Mayor I had pleasure to work with in my new job. Smithers File:SmithersBC1989.JPG  is the largest town in the area, and my second day on the job I had to make a speech at a hotel in town. I never liked public speaking, and this was my very first. I knew the subject well, it was on Downtown revitalization. I had just spent all summer at University of Waterloo, learning about the subject. A proposal in front of Council and the Downtown Business Association, was to create an Alpine Village Concept to Smithers. The down-town was mainly one street, but many businesses established out of town, and something had to be done. Many were for, but many against, as it would cost some money, also for the merchants. I used Trail as an example, even if I had never been there, but knew of the success with the concept. The vote was narrow in favour, and I felt really good about that, the Alpine Theme (Wikipedia –Smithers has adopted an alpine theme, which is drawn from the geography of the area) worked for Smithers from the first day. The BC Government Liquor store was the first, and it was really well done. Every merchant did their part. Fred was also instrumental in getting major funding for the Hudson Bay Mountain Ski Hill, a new major Hotel, Regional Airport, Industrial Park, Vegetable Growing Coop, several sawmills, one making components for IKEA, mowing the Dairy from Kitimat to Bulkley Valley and more projects, through Western Diversification Funding, the program I worked for.  Back to my speech. At the hotel the podium was set up at one end of the dance floor, and all the seats at the other, with dim lightning I could not see a single face to put my eyes on. This is the worst case for any presenter, a large open space, and no persons to focus on as one goes through the presentation. I had a nice pin striped suit, and a brand new briefcase, and had memorized my speech, but the whole set up made me so nervous that I just barely was able to stutter through, talking to the empty dance floor. Fred thanked me, gave me a present from the Town, and brought me to the bar for a refreshment. Thank you Fred. In the summer he took me to Kitimat for salmon fishing in his boat, and we had a great time. I have always felt at home in Smithers, and the town is still near to my heart. Thank you again Fred.
  • ’79 Angus Davies, Mayor of Fraser lake, BC
  • ’80 Darcy Rezak, Alcan
  • ’81 Ulf Caap, Vice President IKEA
  • ’82 – ’85 Economic Development Commissioner, Sunshine Coast
  • ’82 Bud Koch, Mayor of Sechelt
  • ’82 Chief Stan Dixon, Sechelt Nation
  • ’83 Chief Calvin Craigan,   
  • ’82 Arthur Clarke, Gentleman and Farmer
  • ’82 Brad & June Hope
  • ’82 Tom & Linda May
  • ’82 Vic Walters
  • ’82 Cougar Lady – Bergie – Bergljot Solberg  
  • ’82 Arthur McGinnis
  • ’83 Richard Tomkies
  • ’83 Grace McCarthy
  • ’84 Hon. John Fraser
  • ’84 Hon. Tom Siddon
  • ’85 Arliss Sturgelewski 
  • ’85 Bill VanderZalm
  • 86 Managing Aqua-West-86, and Expo-Oasis-86 exhibit at EXPO-86 in Vancouver, BC     more images 
  • ’86 Charles Prince of Wales, Diana Princess of Wales, opening Expo-86
  • ’86 Crown Prince Harald and Crown Princess Sonja, attending Expo-86
  • ’86 Crown Prince of Thailand, now King
  • ’86 Dolly De Luxe – Ingrid Bjornov,
  • ’86 Expo-86, numerous dignitaries from around the world
  • ’87 Kjell Finstad
  • ’88 Frank King, Calgary 1988 Olympic Chairman
  • ’88 Horst Beulau, Olympian Ski Jumper
  • ’88 The Right Honorable Madame Jeanne Suve, Goveronor General Of Canada
  • ’88 The Right Honorable Brian Mulrony, Prime Minister of Canada
  • ’88 Olav 5th, King of Norway
  • ’89 Valdez 
  • Denny Veitch  BC Sports Hall of Fame  
  • ’92 – ’96 Economic Development Officer, Okanagan Indian Band, Vernon
  • ’92 Chief Albert Saddleman, Okanagan Indian Band  
  • ’97 – ’11 Managing Moa Golf Club, Aalesund, Norway
  • ’99 Dan Borge Akero 
  • ’99 Stein Vatne  The only golfer I know that hit over 1 million balls on the drivingrange. I picked them all up, washed them and back into the bin , ready for the next hard hit. More to cme …..
  • ’99 Hallvor Kleppen  
  • 99 Frank Beck  Motivator  One life  mental practice
  • ’98 John Arne Riise. World class fotballer, most fameous from Liverpool.
  • ’06 Dr. Mais, Forde Hospital. Operated ang repaired my left hip with a Hip Resurfacing. I was up walking the next day, and back to work 3 days later.
  • ’07 Terje, Lene, Mona, Nina Loseth . A family dedicated to world class skiing.
  • ’07 Nina Loseth Norwegian National ski team
  • ’08 Anders Lindegaard   Goalkeeper Manchester United, former club AaFK. While in Aalesund, Anders, with many of the team players, was a member of  Moa Golf Club, and would spend a fair amount of time on the Drivingrange. Potential as a low Hcp. golfer, but he will be an international footballer for a long time. Friendly, and nice person, calm and collected, and the best goalkeeper I have ever met.
  • ’11 Retired, Sechelt, BC
  • ’11 James White  Owner of Sechelt U-Haul, Sechelt Rad & Truck, and a few other businesses.
  • 11 Paul Wagler. Retired Banker, Investor, and at one time the highest paid Excecutive in BC. During Expo86 he was chairman of the Dutch Exibit, with many key people on his board, like Mayor Harcourt, Premier VanderZalm and others. A good friend and mentor.
  • 11’Ed Thierling. Designer of  of quality homes
  • 12 ‘N. Royce Curry  NZR Stinger Off-track Compare_2881