New Foundland visit

My son visitingNew Foundland

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First bear visit of the year

that I know of at my place. Rolling over the only garbage can I use to store dry newspaper to lite my fire in the evenings. Opening a small fridge on my doorsteps, tearing down a birdfeeder and eating all the birdseeds, no major damage. CIMG5103

leaving a big “Scat” to mark the visit. This was run over by a truck before I took the picture. It will be another long bear season.

More animal droppings  if you like walking and hiking in nature, you should know the local animal droppings.

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The swallows are back

The swallows came back yesterday, a male House Finch visited, together with many birds, and the ducks are back preparing the nest, a small nice Deer buck at the roadside, and some bears are already out of the den

spring is in the air

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Old pictures I thought were lost for ever

Old pictures found

Moa golf

even older pictures

more of the same  and even more





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Snow this year !


Her is the proof !



The Squirrels an Hummingbirds seemed to enjoy it !


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Nice visit to new Vancouver Island home


Porpoise Bay in Sechelt


Nanaimo Harbour


Beaver on floats – all more than 60 years  old – and still the best way to fly


20 miles – 20 minutes to cross Georgia Straight – Two Ferries could take 9 hours to and from !


House and back yard – swimming pool – hot tub – play ground and plenty of plants and greens- congratulations !

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Snow and fun – Catskiing !

Lars like the snow and is having fun

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