Snov plow – early May

This road will be open soon

Nice to have GPS


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Bear mother and two cubs


photo taken a few minutes ago – mother and two cubs – two years now – grown much since last year. They were visiting on my front deck a few days ago. I will try to get a better picture. A nice family.

The 3 year old is also around, but they are not together. He or she is the one I took many pictures of two years ago, and last year killed my chickens, among other mischief. These two cubs will be kicked out before end of summer. With the local good climate they should be able to manage. The late spring this year is now blooming with lots of food for all creatures.

Nice to live this close to nature. The birds and squirrels are now also very busy.

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A nice “catch”

A really nice catch

Fanget spektakulær video i Lofoten. Fugleekspert: - Sjeldent

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An introduction to Norway


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Black Bears visiting

Mother and two one year old cubs, probably the same from last year, visiting at midnight, opened an emty fridge, and having a good look around. Tearing down a small bird feeder that have been used for 4 years with no problems. Some yelling and clapping and they wandered away.

Two mornings later, back they come, 630: AM, tearing down one of the humming bird feeders, just to get some drops of sugar water. The dogs did not even wake up.

It is not really easy to be cool and get the camera when they are just a few meters away, but one day I will.

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New Foundland visit

My son visitingNew Foundland

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First bear visit of the year

that I know of at my place. Rolling over the only garbage can I use to store dry newspaper to lite my fire in the evenings. Opening a small fridge on my doorsteps, tearing down a birdfeeder and eating all the birdseeds, no major damage. CIMG5103

leaving a big “Scat” to mark the visit. This was run over by a truck before I took the picture. It will be another long bear season.

More animal droppings  if you like walking and hiking in nature, you should know the local animal droppings.

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