Sorry to inform you, mother bear is dead !


Here with one cub 3 years ago, same mother, in my yard, no problem


My last pictures of this mother bear, now with two cubs, two years old, The mother bear was cought breaking into a cabin and had to be killed. One of the cubs were trapped and relocated. The last one is still around, poor fellow.



I have known this bear for 5 years now, sorry to see them go.

A friend of mine was sleeping in his mobile when he woke up as one of the cubs were half way into his camper. They both got scared, and the young bear ran away. My friend says he can still smell the breath ! of the cub.IMG_0026

Here is the two years old eating one of my nice roosters. Started as a game, just running after the chickens.

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“Maud” going home

After hundred years, Maud is going home

Maud hammer

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Bear break in – just down the road !


Coast Reporter

My next door neighbour had a visit two days ago that ripped a storage shed apart, and destroyed a nice well built greenhouse. At my place they try to get to the Humming Bird feeders, but I hang them high, but they are very curious and climb over the wood stack, turn over anything, and leaves a mess ! My old dogs does not even wake up when they are on the front deck. Berries are late this year, but it looks like it will be a  good crop. In the meantime, the bears are not really a big problem, just have to learn to live with them in their territory.

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Don’t do this at home

If you like free air – this is for you !

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Snov plow – early May

This road will be open soon

Nice to have GPS


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Bear mother and two cubs


photo taken a few minutes ago – mother and two cubs – two years now – grown much since last year. They were visiting on my front deck a few days ago. I will try to get a better picture. A nice family.

The 3 year old is also around, but they are not together. He or she is the one I took many pictures of two years ago, and last year killed my chickens, among other mischief. These two cubs will be kicked out before end of summer. With the local good climate they should be able to manage. The late spring this year is now blooming with lots of food for all creatures.

Nice to live this close to nature. The birds and squirrels are now also very busy.

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A nice “catch”

A really nice catch

Fanget spektakulær video i Lofoten. Fugleekspert: - Sjeldent

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