Fish Farming in B.C.

Hei, Yes I remember the name, he was probably involved in a farm at that time. Pan size Coho is the easiest to raise, first in fresh, and later in salt water. The very first in B.C that very few know about was Union Carbide, the large US corp. They had some pens of Tofino in and about 1978 ? I was still in the furniture business, and as a favour for a friend, I purchased a truckload of Pan Size Coho from then, and shipped to Mac.Donald Hotel ? in downtown Calgary where my friend had sold them.

The refridgiated truck sat over the weekend at their loading dock, without refridgiation, Monday morning the chef did not like the smell, I never got my money back, got even with my friend years later, A funny story that can not be told in mixed company.

Union Carbide at that time had a hatchery in The Columbia River, and wanted to release the salmon to the ocean and claim ownership and catch them upon return. The scheme worked fine, but they could not claim ownership, and abandoned the project.

This model is still in use in Alaska and other places.

In the Fraser Valley there are some “U-Catch” trout farms, it is very easy, good money, and there should be farms like this all over where one have good water supply.

I will mention all this and much more when I record the history of fish farming in B.C.

From: Hans

Sent: 14. desember 2010 01:33


To: Oddvin Vedø

Subject: Bruce Swift

Hey, do you know Bruce Swift?  He apparently had a fish farm in Sechelt in the 80s.

nu restaurant + lounge will now be featuring products from Swift Aquaculture including sustainable coho salmon. Bruce Swift’s Agassiz farm, Swift Aquaculture, is one of B.C.’s undiscovered treasures. Swift and his wife Mary Lou Picture live on a beautiful, five-acre farm in Kent County and you have a local, environmentally friendly farming system that links and integrates both land and water.


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