Jim Reeves at Njårdhallen 1964, just three months before he died. live Oslo Oslo concert see info about the two conserts at Njardhallen 

Autographs of : Jim Reeves, rare clips

Bobby Bare

 and Chet Atkins live at Oslo no. 2:

no 3: only 166 have seen this before on the net : in the background you can see 4 guards men, I am one of them

 in my military service book. Also present the Anita Kerr Singers, at Njårdhallen in Oslo in 1964. I was serving as Corporal in The Kings Guard, trained on communication equipment, and was asked with a couple others in my group, to assist with the set up of speakers for the two shows at Njårdhallen. if you see a re-run of the concerts on TV, you can see me and the other Guardsmen in the background.

The concerts were April 6th. 1964. Just three months later, Jim Reeves died in an airplane crash,  on July 31st. 1964, and the wreckage was found August 2.nd.

Autograph of Chet Atkins and Bobby Bare

Autograph of Jim Reeves.  live at the concert in Oslo

* * * * * *

1967 – 1979 Furniture manufacturing, import and sales.

1979 – 1982 Bulkley Nechako Regional District. 78.000 sq. km. Bigger that Ireland, bigger than Holland and Belgium together. Only 35.000 inhabitants in 7 willages and rural district.

1982 – 1986 Economic Development Commissioner, Sunshine Coast Regional District, Sechelt B.C.

1986 – 1995  A private company for various consultant work.

Mining Co. on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, Chairman was Rudy ….., a friend from Sechelt. I could only sit as a director of this and other companies when I was not working for the Government.

Okanagan Indian Band, 1992 – 1995, Economic Development Officer.


1987 – 1990 Master Marine (Canada) Ltd. Sechelt B.C. In 1986 I had a visit of three gentlemen from Norway. Kjell Finstad, Oslo, Per Hagen, Shipowner, Drammen, and their bank manager, with a Stetson hat, , from Buskerud Sparenank. They wanted me run a Canadien subsiduary of their Norwegian co. I did so, and got screwed in a royal way. See:  og this is companies contaolled of the sam person: Kjell Finstad. Call me Kjell ! master marine norway

1998 – 2000 Aalesund Golfklubb, Manager

2000- 2011 Moa Golf Klubb, Founding Manager

3 Responses to Additional

  1. Dear Oddvin,
    It was interesting reading your blog and seeing the pictures from your furniture store in old Gastown. I also remember (vaguely) when you opened the second store in Vicoria – What a party!
    As a furniture salesman from Norway, it was always so much fun to visit you, Gila and Larsen. I still remember well your grand hospitality and Gila playing the piano on quiet Sunday afternoons in West Van.
    Yeah! Those were the (Westnofa) days!

    Best regards,
    Gunnar Versland

  2. david Burnett says:

    Hi Oddvin,

    Its David from the Chapman creek hatchery-what number can i contact you on?

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