Dec. 11th. 2010, my very first blog.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_sU0pAE-fE&feature=related Jim Reeves welcome you to my world

Over time, this personal blog will reflect my life; work and experiences, dreams and some fictions. I will try to document the many and interesting things I have had the privilege to experience and be part of. These I will record to my best memory and ability.

I invite all parties mentioned, and the ones that should be part, to write me with comment, so we together can record history as correct as possible.

Unfortunately, I lost all my pictures in Vernon in and about 1997-98. Together with valuable books, Paintings, Rugs, Furniture, sporting equipment and much more; this was removed from a garage I rented. I do offer a reward for any or all the personal things; if anybody should find some of it.

I will therefore ask everybody  that have any pictures, names, facts, and stories, especially from the fish farming start of B.C. and east coast of Canada, Expo’86 and from the Exxon Valdez clean up in Alaska. Please correct my where my memory fails. Contact me at: ohvedoe@online.no

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