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“Cougar-Lady” – Bergie – ” I have eaten Cougars….. they taste okay.”

Thanks to The Sechelt Library, Museum Department, they have a lot of info on Bergie and Minnie the Solberg sisters, here is some of it. Note: Rosella Leslie has written a book: Bergliot Solberg–The Cougar Lady of Sechelt Inlet, that is soon … Continue reading

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Cougar Lady – more pictures

Bergie collected and salvaged everything from the Sechelt Inlet. Bergie’s cabin in a quiet bay in Sechelt Inlet, close to Carlson Creek. All is now gone and cleaned up. Some of her goats, she milked them and was very protective … Continue reading

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The Cougar Lady – I have eaten Cougar, they taste ok – the book is now out !

I knew “Bergie” well, and I am looking forward to get my copy of the book about this amazing woman , here is a link to the publisher. The Cougar Lady Legendary Trapper of Sechelt Inlet Rosella Leslie Every town has its … Continue reading

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People I have met, and some have made an impression on me !

Starting from day one! I have had a rich life with many experiences, met a lot of interesting people. This is going to take the rest of my life to complete. Some I have only seen from a distance when … Continue reading

Busy beavers !

Out driving around, with “Laika” one fine day, she is about 6 months now, and she loves to run and play. On an old logging road, used to lead to Crowston Lake, we came across this huge beaverdam, totally blocking … Continue reading

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