No more chickens, Bears 11 – 3 !

About 5.30 this morning I was awakened by loud noise from the chicken coop. Kept the dogs inside, and walked out to see, not a nice sight. A black bear chewing on the rooster, 5 m. in front of me. Having ripped a hole in the door. I will take picture later. I do not like to walk around outside barefoot, with a hungry feeding bear.

Bear was back for more at 7 AM. I never seen a bear run that fast, chasing chickens around, including up on my front deck. He would have outrun both old dogs.




So, that is the end of having chickens at this place. It was fun a few weeks.


I have seen many bears, and had chickens for many years, in bear country, but never seen this. I think it is a  4 year old, looking for food alone, hungry and the berry season is just starting.


3 left alive, one wounded that I had to kill, and the rest to the bears ! I will bring them to a farm today. Done, a local farmer picked the live ones up.

Yes I have guns, and permits,  but no, I would not kill a bear for this. I am living in their area, and I have to respect that.  I have had chickens and other animals, and farm status, and never had this problem. This could be a 3 to 4  year old bear, lone and hungry. I will not tempt him again. But he will visit, over and over again, to se if there is more chickens.

If you are afraid of the dark, bears and any other animals, do not chose to live in a wonderful place like this. Nature rules, just accept it, enjoy and live with it.

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