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Bear shit !

This is what the bear left me today, after killing almost a doz. chickens, and by the look of his droppings, right in my yard, he had Black Berries for desert. same bear, after the berry season

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No more chickens, Bears 11 – 3 !

About 5.30 this morning I was awakened by loud noise from the chicken coop. Kept the dogs inside, and walked out to see, not a nice sight. A black bear chewing on the rooster, 5 m. in front of me. … Continue reading

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Two roosters became one, and 13 chickens

After a few nights, a bear (bear droppings 25 steps away), but most likely a racoon, ripped the door open, and one rooster gone. Just a few feathers left. The remaining one stayed close to the old dog. A farmer … Continue reading

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