Two Roosters

Last week driving down the gravel road, there were two rosters on the side of the road. Somebody,CIMG4851 not so nice, dropped them off for Cayote food. I managed to catch one, and carried him back to my place. The dogs adopted him right of way. I went back to the other one hiding in the bush, and crowed like a rooster. When I got home that evening, he was in my yard also. They feel right at home, and have an outhouse they sleep in.


This is the driveway, where the Black Bears, Coyotes, Deer and others just wander in.


At any given time there can be 1/2 a dozen hummingbirds in this jungle.


Home Sweet Home, perfect for a pensioner that wants to live with nature in the bush. All plants are eatable, peas, tomatos, peppers and many other types greens.

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