Crows gathering – whales playing

This time of the year crows will gather in very lager numbers. Nobody knows for sure why. It is a social thing.


Driving home this afternoon the crows were gathering at the SCRD, nothing political about that, just a nice place to meet. CIMG4521

On the ground and birds on a wire, in large numbers. We can see this every evening from now until spring. They will fly and play until dusk, then settle down to rost in selected tree tops. Some people think this looks scary, but it is merely a show of nature, and quite spectacular to witness.

I did stop in Davis Bay today, as did most travellers, because the whales were showing off just off the beach. I took many pictures, but did not catch any whales on film. I will do better next time. It was nice to witness. I do not know what kind of whales, but it was not Killer Whales. large and larger and gray looking to me. Could it be Grey Whales ?

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