Black Bears – Mother and Cub – in my yard all afternoon

The “Coda” dog was barking, and there they were. Nice to have visitors. I told the dog to come and lay down and be quiet, and he ignored them all afternoon.IMG_0043

Mother and cub.


A nice large female Black Bear. In good condition, but, soon they will hibernate, and she  must have to have enough food for both of them over winter. They have to get to the creek and eat some salmon.


The cub size of a large dog, not eating solid food yet.


She would sit and lay down and scratch herself. Feeding on wildflowers and clover. Cub just wanted to get to the milk.


Mother, hiding the cub in the bushes, and watching me. A nice sunny afternoon. Late afternoon they walked into the bushes towards the creek. Mutual respect for each other.  I tried not to disturb them, but took many pictures. A privilege to live this close to nature.

But, be responsible. All food wrappers from meat, fish and vegetables, I burn every day. I feed the birds and squirrels only on the ground, One or two small hummingbird feeders hanging high. Nothing to attract the bears. There is still berries, clover and lots of wild feed for them, but they are extra hungry this time of the year. Food and dog food in closed containers, inside.

And just as I am writing this, it is 10.30 PM and dark outside, the big dog ” Coda” was chasing some animals out of my yard. It could be a deer, elk, cayote, wolf, fox, cougar or a raccoon, not always a bear.

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