Mostly birds and suirrels

IMG_0022 Most hummingbirds have traveled south to Mexico, but a few “Anna’s” are still around, and they will spend the winter her.

IMG_0019 Raven in a tree top.They sometimes are cleaning up the bird feed on the ground in the early morning.

IMG_0023 Squirrel and Stellers Jay. They are both horders, , they collect seeds and bring it to their hiding places. The squirrels are taking green tomatoes and hiding them somewhere.

IMG_0020 Some visitors from New Zealand had never seen a Squirrel. They got to see many of them, very close up !

IMG_0007 Playing hide and seek in the grill of my small pick up truck. Playful all the time, for hours at the time.

IMG_0012 Checking out the old water kettle. Curios, inquisitive, or just nosy.


Feeding on the picnic table. Very social, they like to be around people and animals. With friends like them, life in the bush is great ?

Some people ask if I am not lonely “up in the bush” ? I am just a few hundred meters on gravel road from a small airport. With all these friends, how can it be lonely ?

But, last night from around 5:30 AM the dog was barking, and every hour from then.  When I finally got up and looked out, there was a small Black Bear, about two years old, no mother around, I think he wanted to befriend the dog, or any company. I would love to guide him to the creek where the salmon is now coming up to spawn. With the rain we had the last few days, there are plenty of salmon in the creeks, and easy catch for the Bears, but somebody has to show him how to catch them !

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