Animal pictures this week

I love all animals, and some humans, and take pictures when I can, last night at 4:30 AM and at 5:30 the dogs chased bears away, I did not get any pictures.

Here are the Telegraphs Pictures.

The pair of foxes practicing their hunting skills. This fox cub looks like it's fallen head over heels but it is in fact practising crucial hunting skills. The litter mates jumped and landed on their own imagined targets as they practised pouncing on make-believe prey. Despite their small size, the cubs were able to jump around a metre into the air and took it in turns to practice their impressive pounces. Photographer Vladislav Kamenski said he had never seen fox cubs manage so many jumps in a row. The 42-year-old spotted the pair, believed to be around four months old, in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

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