birds and bees – and a butterfly makes my day !

IMG_0009  a butterfly can make my day

IMG_0002 Hummingbirds are now feeding until after dark

IMG_0003 Six feeders like this must be refilled twice a day

IMG_0005 nothing nicer than sitting outside in the evening and they are flying all around you, not at all caring about your presence

IMG_0004 when “Big Boy” sniff like this, there is a bear around. They are no bother, exciting to see them, and  one have to be careful. I can not feed the birds and the squirrels as I usually do.

He will go for a chase day and night, and “Bowie” sometimes helps, other times she comes in and stay at my feet shaking. Many berries are ripe now, and there is lots of food available.

He lets me howl at the Coyotes, and does not care about Raccoons at all.

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