Black bear visit

About 4.30 this afternoon the dogs baked and chased a large shiny black bear in my driveway. This is the second time in a week while I have been home. It is probably the same as was visiting last year. One neighbours garbage can was raided last night.

“Coda” the big old dog was so tired at dinner time, that he ate his food lying down. “Bowie” was shaking, and laying down at my feet.

There is also one female with 3 pups, and one with 2 seen by my neighbours. But, the 2 or now 3 year old pup from earlier has not been seen this year. May be he did not make it over winter.

Two days ago one bear crossed the road right in front of my car,  and walked into a garden.

I will post pictures if I get them.

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