“Dam Nation” Documentary

Watch this Documentary – for the sake of the fish and the water –  if you like a greener world !

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John Day Dam fish ladder, one of nine large on the Columbia River, and five large on the Snake River, plus numeros on the tributaries.

More on fish and dams.  Clowhom and the Columbia River in Okanagan.

Enloe Dam , a shame.

Originally built in the early 1900’s, the 54 foot tall Enloe Dam has been controversial for both environmental and economic reasons for more than 90 years.  Enloe has not generated hydropower since 1958 when it was decommissioned because lower cost energy was available from other sources. 

I do not want to remove all dams, only the ones that can be replaced with a few windmills or some electric car, and that is very many dams.

Proposal for remowal, pictures 

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