Visit from a Sharp-Shinned Hawk

IMG_0002 Just after serving the usual morning meal of mostly large striped sunflower seed to the hungry squirrels and the increasing amount of birds, a Sharp-Shinned Hawk tried to catch a squirrel. Not the first time, and the squirrels saw it coming, and hid.

IMG_0001 By the time I got my camera, it had moved from the feeder to another perch. A really beautiful bird. I thing the reason it looks a little frustrated, is that it could not catch a squirrel, nor a bird today. There were plenty to choose from. Later it perched in a large tree for a long time.

I have seen this hawk before, flying through the trees and bushes with incredible speed and skills. It is a relative small hawk, about 12″, and to catch a squirrel might not be that easy, and I do not think it could fly away with it. This one have been here all winter, which is somewhat unusual, but it have been nice and mild, and spring like weather.


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