Animal photos of the week

Animal photos of the week courtesy The Telegraph, UK

When you're not quite sure about getting your paws wet it can be comforting to have a parent there to give some encouragement. In this case it was human 'dad' Ben Britton offering support to 8-month-old lion cub 'Mal' as they went for a swim in the pond at Wild Animal Encounters in Sydney, Australia. At first Mal hesitantly got his feet wet, but it wasn't long before he found his courage and plunged into the water. It was then a quick spot of lion paddle before enjoying a congratulatory cuddle from Ben. Ben became adoptive dad to Mal and his two siblings when they were rejected by their mother. Wild Animal Encounters recently celebrated the launch of its new charitable foundation that will work to support WAE's efforts to conserve wildlife both in Australia and overseas, with a keen focus on the African Lion.

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