Frosty nights and hungry birds

After all the nice rain, we got some real frosty nights. The birds are very active at the feeders.


Anna’s Hummingbirds are very active from early morning to late afternoon. Notice the ice in the feeder.


On the frozen ground, birds and squirrels have to share the food.


Plenty of Junco’s and Sparrows around



I like the Stellers’s Jays, but they are rascals at the feeders


A Varied Thrush with some ruffled feathers


End of November, smoke from the fire, and a pale winter sun. I had to put the hummingbird feeders in warm water to thaw the ice this morning.

The Anna’s Hummingbirds were licking ice before I got up. I put extra organic maple syrup in the feeders for the cold.

Bird feed for the winter is important. The large striped sunflower seeds are most popular.The mixed feed with much cracked corn is not that good.

Get a variety, and do not hesitate to spend a little extra for our feathered friends.


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