Animal pictures of the week

Animal pictures of the week, The telegraph, UK,   enjoy

Crusoe the Dachshund is top dog at dressing up.  The wiener dog - sausage dog to Brits - is heads and paws above anyone else at donning quirky disguises.  Crusoe is the cherished pet of Ryan Beauchesne, 26, from Ottawa, Canada, who, along with girlfriend Laurence Dionne, 25, creates handmade costumes for the pampered pooch.  Five-year-old Crusoe is then happy to pose in outfits that include a pirate, a vampire, a sailor and, pictured paddling in the sea, a shark.

But will he ever fly ?


Two days ago the winds were changing, several flocks of geese had problems, they were flying around very low, trying to get an airstream south


This flock today were on the right rack, but flying very low.



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