Wagging of the tail


I have had dogs all my life. They all wag their tail. I am almost 70 and have never before tonight thought what is really means. Two old dogs in front of me on the sundeck. Both happy. One almost killed by a black bear last moth.

Both wagging their tail whatever at I say. Even when speaking to myself. I tell them they are good dogs. They wag. I tell them they are bad dogs. They wag. I talk on the phone, and they wag.

The squirrels do not wag. They raise their tail like a flag. So does the Flagtail Deer, pigs have a curl on the tail, rats drag their tail, birds like Peacock make huge fans with their tailfeathers, and soon. I have not studied the black bears tail habit, I usually have seen them from the front. Cats brush their tail against my legs, I am not crazy about cats, but they like me, and I tolerate them, as long as they do not kill birds and bats.

If I could wag. When would I wag ? Now I am up the wrong road, red wine talking. Why do the dogs wag ? Some dogs wag so hard that it hurts, some just wag.

St. Bernards, and I have 3 of them for over 30 years, they wipe everything off the table, and keep on wagging, no matter what you say to them. They just want you to talk to them, and they are happy to wag, whatever you say. And you forgive them. And everybody is happy. They might wipe the table clean again, but they do learn, yes, slowly.

And how mad can you get at a dog or any animal ? Not enough to hit or kick. If you ever do, you can not have an animal in your care. Or human for that sake. But you can tell them in a nice way, how bad they are.

Back to the wagging of the tails. I tried to say different thing to the dogs. Not attempting to yell, but some harsh words, some very bad words, same reaction; Wagging of the tail. Yet I know that the dogs understand all my movements, all my emotions, all the words I ever mutter.

Horses swing their tails, mostly to get rid of insects, but sometimes of just joy. Cow’s and other livestock the same, birds shake their tail feathers, snakes I do not care to know.

I hope I can spend  many more years with my dogs, and may be,

in that process, understand my fellow mankind.


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