Bats welcome here !

At dusk tonight I saw the very fast , very small Bats, for the very first time here at my place.

Flying too fast to get a picture, but I did enjoy watching them. They eat about 2000 insects each every night, and that is just fine for me.

I will look into building some special bat house for them, but some of my birdhouse might suit them.

A bat with wings outspread flying from the black background toward the left side of the photograph. Its long ears are pointed upward, and the fine veining on its black wings is evident. The fur on its body and head is a brownish-yellow colour. picture from Wikipedia

Here are some images of bats in BC.

Flying ants are out now at this time of the year, the small bats are grabbing them in the air, right in front of me, nice to see. Yesterday a small bird grabbed one in the air a few feet from me.  For a moment I saw the proud look on the bird, it was like one of natures wonders, may be a yearling catching his first insect in the air. The young Chikadees wait until the ant land, and they grab them.

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