Truck transport of goods in the future

My friend Royce have many world patents for improving the profitability of trucking gods in the future. He is now semi retired as me, on the Sunshine Coast, and want to change the whole world trucking business to the better, and I like to help him.

The concept is actually very simple. With his design you get 25 to 30 % more freight into each Trailer. As he says: “It is not the truck that is making money, it is the Trailer”

NZR d-TRAIN Grain 7 Axle Config

He can convert any truck to this system, and get more freight and easier turning radius, and there is no lost space.

A Cab Over truck will save even more than the drawing above, and in the accordion section you can have normal amount of freight.

To get the full picture of this amazing patent, that will save fuel, cost, less trucks on the road, air drag, and benefit the environment; look at his NZR home page: 

Additional benefits to this design is no jack kniving, the cause of most accidents, more weight on the front axles, and better steering.

The strange thing is – why was this not common use many years ago ?


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