Swallows returned April 25th.

I observed the first swallow on the Sunshine Coast  April 25th. A lone barn swallow.

Somebody said: “A lone swallow does not make a summer”, and they are right, it has been cold until now.

I count five birds in this picture, almost like Honey Bees



I have four feeders like this, have to fill them all at least once a day, that is about 5 kg sugar a week. The ratio in the summer is 1 to 4 parts water. I add some brown sugar and a tablespoon of real maple syrup, they like that.



My good friend Ed came by as I took pictures of the Hummingbirds, so here he is, enjoying the humming and flights of the birds.


Hummingbirds from early morning to late night.




All trees are now in full bloom. CIMG3423 This from under a flowering cherry in Sechelt. The native wild cherry trees are also in full bloom, and the Doogwoods are almost ready.

It is not always possible to stop the car and take a picture of the beautiful flowering trees,  but very enjoyable to see them, and I will try to get some pictures to show you.


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