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Swallows returned April 25th.

I observed the first swallow on the Sunshine Coast  April 25th. A lone barn swallow. Somebody said: “A lone swallow does not make a summer”, and they are right, it has been cold until now. I count five birds in … Continue reading

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much activity at the birdfeeders these days, including a hungry duck, same as last year   and the gander watching  Snow Geese coming home 14. April, flying so high one can barely see themmore Snow Geese today 15th. April, these … Continue reading

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Hummingbirds at the feeders

A few Hummingbirds stayed all winter, but now the others are back from South America, and I have lineups at four feeders. if I just take enough pictures, some will be good. They are so fast, you can not see the … Continue reading

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Letter from a woman to the Winnipeg Free Press – not happy with the old man Winter !

“Dear Winter, We have to break up. What we shared was great for the first couple of months, but now I find myself not feeling the way I should about you to continue the relationship. You just seem to go on, … Continue reading

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The Telegraph UK – animal photos

The Telegraph UK  animal photos of the week   enjoy them all

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Sunshine Coast Connector – road to and from Vancouver

Link to a blog promoting a road to and from Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast. This concept bridge for a fjord crossing in Norway.

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