Black Bear visiting this morning

I take my morning coffee very serious. Two tablespoons of perfect roasted beans, Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Grown, from the local roster, boiling fresh water, and filtering into a thermos metal cup, keeps it hot and delicious all morning. Smells as good as it taste.

Did not get a sip before my dog “Bowie” wanted to get up and out. There she woke up the old neighbour dog, sleeping on his mats under the picnic table.

Then he saw the black bear, the cub from last year. I assume he was looking for bird seeds, but this time of the year I only feed as much as the birds and squirrels clean up every day, nothing for the bears.

A wild chase into the west coast rain forest, almost impossible for me to hike around, but these animals have no problem climbing and jumping, mostly following the creek. My dog came home shaking, but the big dog was gone after the bear.

When I got home this afternoon, the neighbour dog, I call him “Big Boy”, among other things, was back, sleeping at his place, all well. He does not seem to care what I call him, as long as I call him, and rub his back and belly. I had worried all day, but he is a bear chaser, that is his main job, and I appreciate having him around. When a dog chases a bear in the bush, only one of them will come back.

Got some nice bones from the butcher, he liked the first one, I have more.

Until I get some pictures, enjoy these from Google 

I love the bears, never shot and killed any, never will. Bear meat is not that good either, taste sweet like horse meat, but much tougher, and can be contaminated from garbage.

I have guns, they do not stop a bear, pepper spray is the only thing, if the dog fails. And that only at max 15 feet, or ca 3 m. or less, with the wind. My can is close to my door, only if they like to come inside, may be I should not leave my door open all day. But, an empty pan and a lid makes all the noise needed to scare a bear away, or a good broom or shovel waiving around, can do the trick, they are not that brave.

Tell them in a normal voice to go home, go away, they can like other animals sense fear. Do not scream or run away. They are actually not that anxious to confront humans, and rather run away. But, leave no food or garbage outside. Their smell is better than dogs.

Many years ago a friend up north told me a common problem, may be more with a Grizzly, another chapter.  If your dog runs towards the bear and barks, then turn back to you for safety: Shoot the Dog. You can not stop the bear with a gunshot. 

 If you search for bears in the search area of my page, you will get many bear stories, I have many more not written down, some embarrassing, some stupidity, some cruel, bad people and bad bears. I will share some more with you. But this visitor I expect to see around all summer in the local area.

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