Evening sun

I do love the evening sun, light, sunrays, west coast forest, and the combination of them all

CIMG3338 the late afternoon sun scatter a few sunrays into the forest at my place

CIMG3345some plants or trees only get a minute or two of sunlight, an not every day

CIMG3344a single narrow strip of light. The living things that depend on this strobe of sunlight are very patient.

CIMG3337this is a preservation area around the small creek, nobody disturb this, the bears wander here. deer, coyotes, elk, raccoons and many other animals.

CIMG3340The pristine creek have pan size trout, crayfish and lots of frogs, very noisy at nights this time of the year

CIMG3339my humble abode from the back forest, I just love it here. Bowie in the foreground, BigBoy in the back

my front room is under the tarp, with a comfortable wood stove. last night one owl was howling so close, that the dogs were uncomfortable

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