A few seconds made my day

Sitting outside I heard a commotion at one of the bird and squirrel feeders. And there I could see, for just a few seconds, a beautiful Sharp-Shinned Hawk, trying to grab a Squirrel. Only 5 m. away, I got a clear look, as the Hawk had to pause, to turn, and get into flight between the branches.  I had no time to get a camera, but just the sight was worth it.

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The neighbour dog ran after into the forest, but old, fat and unable to fly, he only made it a few steps before he gave up. The squirrel  lived to see another day. The next hour there were no birds or squirrels feeding. 2013-05-01 18.37.01

This quite one looks like he is praying or thanking someone  for something

I have seen Kestrel Hawk, Red Tail Hawk, and Sharp-Shinned a few times. The last one manuevers between the branches in the forest better than any other predatory bird.  2013-05-02 18.50.11

A relative safe place with lots of feed.

I like the squirrels, but the rats and mice he can help himself to any time.

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