The flowering Almod trees are in full bloom, the Pussywillows showing off, and then this……

The Flowering Almond Trees are in full bloom, the Pussywillows at their finest, the first signs of spring, my first Daffodil ready to burst, and then some idiot have to spoil it all.CIMG3258some idiot trows his garbage out on the side of the road. This close to Sechelt Airport, 100 m. from the pawed road, and the sign: No Littering.

Do not blame the birds or animals. I would love to get a picture of the sinner. This location is close to a small creek and a bridge. Right here is an animal crossing for bears, coyotes and deer, they follow the creek, and can get under the airport fence.

I will bring the camera tomorrow and get a shot of the flowering trees and more.

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