Olympic Games – this far I am wrong

After the opening, and the first week of The Winter Olympics, I admit I am wrong. I did not believe they could manage as well as this, so far.

I watch Canadian and Norwegian TV, last on the net. This way I get Olympics 24 hours. And it is all good, this far.

Few stories about the street dogs and puppies that have disappeared. No twin toilet stories. Few spectators, but. The local audience last night at the curling game, cheered all the time, even when the host country did mistakes, they had no idea about the rules and score.

I feared human rights issues, none this far. I feared logistic problems, none major this far. Hope it will all go well for the host nation.

Born Norwegian and Canadian most of my life, I can cheer for both nations with good conscience. This far we are doing very well.

Tonight’s hockey game might be a problem, might the best team win.

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