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Daffodil surprise !

 this poor daffodil got big surprise this morning, wishing it was a few inches closer to the building I got a surprise to, and the young palm tree is clearly not happy  Big Boy from next door was very comfortable, … Continue reading

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The Telegraph UK Animal pictures of the week

I love the animal pictures of the week in The Telegraph UK  see them all here, enjoy !

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A few seconds made my day

Sitting outside I heard a commotion at one of the bird and squirrel feeders. And there I could see, for just a few seconds, a beautiful Sharp-Shinned Hawk, trying to grab a Squirrel. Only 5 m. away, I got a … Continue reading

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Wolds best pictures 2013

5754 photographers from 132 countries submitted 98.671 photos to the annual competition, where the finest pictures taken in 2013 were selected. Here they are   – enjoy

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The flowering Almod trees are in full bloom, the Pussywillows showing off, and then this……

The Flowering Almond Trees are in full bloom, the Pussywillows at their finest, the first signs of spring, my first Daffodil ready to burst, and then some idiot have to spoil it all.some idiot trows his garbage out on the … Continue reading

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Olympic Games – this far I am wrong

After the opening, and the first week of The Winter Olympics, I admit I am wrong. I did not believe they could manage as well as this, so far. I watch Canadian and Norwegian TV, last on the net. This … Continue reading

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