I love the Olympic Games – but I am worried about this one !

Two weeks before the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, I am looking forward to all the fantastic competitions, and worried about the total package. The human rights issues. The lack of human compassion. The spirit of fair play.

I am not worried about terrorist, they might get through some places and hurt the local population, and shake Putin’s pants, but the Olympians will be well protected.

But, this will be the most corrupt games ever, from one end to the other. The Olympic Committee that picked Sochi must surely have been very drunk, and corrupt. It is one of the worst places for any summer or winter Olympic Games, for many reasons, you will read about, and hear on TV in the next weeks.

The cost of the facilities are immense, and most of the money right in the pockets of the connected people. And worse, all these facilities will have no after use at all. Nobody will travel there, except some newly rich Russians, and their spirit is probably not Olympian. I do have many close and dear Russian friends, and for some reason or another, they all live here now.

All the skiing competitions, that I will sit up all night to watch, will not have any spectators to speak of. They can not possible make it to the event areas. Most of the skiers do not mind, they are all there to compete and win, but when they cross the finishing line, and out on the tracks, they do like the support of the spectators, some flags waiving and cheers.

The guest facilities and infrastructure lacks common 2013 standards. You have seen the double toilets on TV. I have not seen anything similar since visiting an old hunting cabin way in the bush, the wooden bench in the outhouse had two holes, cut by a chainsaw, one large and one small, and that made sense, at that time and place.

I hope the athletes are all dope free, that makes it even for all. If not, we should have one Olympic for all the dope heads, and one for the purist. I would watch the last one. It is scary when we see that it is not the individual, but the Country officials that support doping. Penalize the organization in addition to the doped performer.

It is not often I wish I am wrong. But this is one on these times.

I hope the Olympic will be a success for all.

Failing that, and if in the worst case it leads to Putin’s demise,

I for one, will not miss him at all.

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