Sunny above the fog

A nice enough day, but foggy along the water and even up to my place. Putting my hiking boots on, and they needed some cleaning and vaseline brushing tender care before they were ready, Bowie the dog, got all excited. We have not been up the logging roads for a while.


Above the fog it was bright and sunny, and the winter sun was actually warm. Nice dry roads, and as soon as we got out of the pick up, a new world opened up. The first sound was that of a Raven, and there he was, chasing a Red Tail Hawk, from tree to tree, probably a territorial dispute.

In the mud on the road I could clearly see the prints of a Cougar, large one. Last week in the news, three Cougars were spotted on a beach near by.


I have had three St. Bernard dogs, these tracks were larger than a 200 lb. dog, and cat like of course. On gravel logging roads like this, a Cougar , Wolf or Coyote, can travel many miles in one night.

A logging clear cut can look really bad, as if nobody cared about the nature at all. But, after just a very few years, the re growth is amazing. On the places we walked today, there were new bushes, trees, berry plants, and of course the newly planted trees that will be ready to harvest in a generation or so.

CIMG3243The buds clear to see, already now in January.  I am already looking forward for my next trip. This re growth, with all the new species, berries, different  deciduous trees, and plants, are good feed for all birds, Elk, Bears and Deer, and the forestry people are actually doing a very good job with preserving and maintaining this natural habitat.

CIMG3242After sniffing at the Cougar tracks, her hind legs shaking, old Bowie stayed near me, and was tired and happy to get back to the pick up truck.

A nice trip, and we met one hiker and one lady with a big dog. I must also share that yesterday I saw a Golden Eagle perching high in a dry tree in Selma park. Bald Eagles we can see everyday here on the coast. When you see a flock of seagull chasing a big bird, they are chasing an eagle. A common sight at Mission Point. Many birds at the feeders now, including a House Wren that is very friendly.

I have started building more birdhouses for the season, I keep some in my pick up, and when I see a nice place or tree, I put one up. Be kind to the birds.

Sat in the sunny hill for a while, wishing I had brought a can of beer, leaving it cooling in a clear stream, as reward for the hike.

But a trip like this, so easy, so near, is reward itself.

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