Sill problems from thunder and lightening storm…… and natures show

lost my main PC to a severe lightening storm, hope to get it back soon….

CIMG3052Choquers Marina in Porpoise Bay one fine afternoon

CIMG3061High tide at Choquers Marina


Salmon spawning in all costal creeks now. This is lower Chapman Creek.CIMG3132Finished spawning and the end of one life cycle, but still an important phase of the total, the birds, bears, and many others need this for their winter food. Many carcasses will wash into lakes and ocean and be an important part of natures total life chain.

CIMG3114Spawning, dead and dying  salmon, natures spectacular show in all creeks and rivers this time of the year. The eagles, ravens, crows, seagulls and other birds eat until the look like a fat goose. The bears are fattening up prior to hibernation.

Many think it is sad to see the dying salmon, but this event is probably the single most important part of natures food chain.

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