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BC Salmon Farmers applaud global salmon industry’s sustainable salmon farming initiative

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The BC Salmon Farmers Association is welcoming the announcement by the global salmon industry to create the Global Salmon Initiative. This major industry-led sustainability initiative unites 15 global farm-raised salmon producers, representing 70 percent of the global industry, in an effort to improve salmon farming sustainability around the world.

The GSI is focused on three pillars of sustainability; reducing environmental impact, increasing social contribution and maintaining economic growth. The initiative will initially focus on three areas of interest: biosecurity, feed sourcing and meeting industry standards.

This work complements efforts already underway by members of the BCSFA and falls in line with the association’s vision: to set world-class standards for responsible fish farming, enabling British Columbia to be a major supplier of healthy seafood.

“Our members are committed to being industry leaders and meeting the highest international standards,” said Executive Director Mary Ellen Walling. “This initiative recognizes that there is no limit to how sustainable you can be. You don’t reach the highest level and stop; there is always room for improvement, always more you can learn. This collaboration will benefit the industry in BC and around the world.”

The Global Salmon Initiative is also aimed at making significant strides in providing a sustainable source of protein to feed a growing population.

“The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation predicts the world’s population will hit 9 billion by 2050 and the demand for protein will grow along with that,” said Walling. “Farm-raised salmon is a lean, nutrient-rich source of protein that will help to meet that demand while taking pressure off wild stocks.”

For more information on the Global Salmon Initiative visit http://www.globalsalmoninitiative.org/

The BCSFA represents salmon farm companies and those who provide services and supplies to the industry. Salmon-farming provides for 6,000 direct and indirect jobs while contributing $800-million to the provincial economy each year.

For more information visit www.salmonfarmers.org


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