Crab for dinner

Father and son, may be the crabs also. The crab’s look alike too.

IMG_20130810_144457A nice day on the water, limit of fish and crabs, dinner is served. Limit of four crab’ s each. By the time you throw out the females and the under sized, you are lucky to get your limit.

There is no food in the shell this time of the year. Kill them humanely as soon as possible. I use the broad end of the emergency paddle, on the belly, a quick downward trust will be fine. Clean the crab claws and keep them cool. You can freeze them, or boil up the water, prefer sea water, or salt well, cook for ten minutes, leave in the water to cool down.

I like some Oregano, Thimian and Rosmarin to taste. In addition some vinegar, I save the vinegar from olives or pickled herring, and use it for cooking the crab. This gives a softer shell, and a firmer crab meat. A poultry shears will then cut the shell, no need for a messy hammer to break the crab leg shells.

Once cooled off, keep in the fridge for up to three days, or the freezer for up to three months. Enjoy the best the ocean can offer.


Fishing for rock cod one have to release most, all the smaller ones, and the limit in this area is only one per person with licence. Use only single hooks, with no barbs.

A pair of small pliers will do the job. Use wet gloves, or at least wet you hand before grabbing any fish. Get the hook out fast, and release the fish in the water. They do not all survive. Some get caught by an observant Eagle. A fantastic picture.CIMG2787A day fishing is an extra day in one’s life, not included in the total days on earth.

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