Jim Rogers – on future of farming

I get a lot of emails, from all over, some are worth passing on !

Jim Rogers on Future of Farming

I am a promoter of locally produced foods, gods and services, for many reasons.

Local produced food is fresh, I know the environment it is produced in, no storage, no trucking, picked or harvested when ripe, by local farmers.

Shop locally for everything, do not go to the bigger towns and purchase case lots from warehouse stores. Support your local merchants, pay a little more if you have to, keep the local economy strong, everybody wins.

I have started a blog : http://farmgatesalesbc.wordpress.com/  called: Farm Gate Sales in BC. This to promote local foods. There is much work to make a blog like this complete, if you have products you sell off the farm, boat or shop, I will post it for free.

Government regulations, good or bad, red tape hindering local production, are also things I like to know about, these are things we together can do something with. There is nothing more powerful than shoppers boycotting a store or products.

If you have seen the film: “Food Inc” you will start to shop locally directly from your farmer or producer. The film is directed by Robert Kenner. 

see the whole film: Netflix,   another free version 

Here is a preview.  This is scary about food, you might have to sit down !



Shop local produced food and products.

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