Bear on tin roof

Left early this morning for a trip to Powell River to pick up some emthy U-Haul trucks, a nice extra job to do with friends. 2013-06-23CIMG2596Coming back home about 1:30 PM, I was greeted by “Bowie” and the big neighbour dog, both happy to see me. I walked around, checking if the hummingbird feeders needed refill, and if the squirrels and birds had enough feed.

Picture this. Here was a ca. 100lb. black bear cub sitting on the tin roof of my wood pile, licking bird seeds.

CIMG2733Imagine the bear sitting here on the tin roof, licking bird seeds, I did not get the camera quickly enough this time. The two dogs had not noticed, or ignored him. When I made a fuss, they immediately barked, the cub jumped down and ran towards the creek, chased by “Big Boy” and brave “Bowie” following. They gave up soon, just enough to let him know whose yard this was, may be he climbed a tree, he will be back.

I was too slow to get my camera this time. Probably the same bear cub that was here with his mother last year, for many weeks. I had been home for about 15 minutes before the dogs and I got aware that he was sitting quietly a few yards away, just enjoying some bird seeds.

That bear cub made my day,

nice to see wildlife, calm and collected, feeling at home, in my back yard.

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