Coyote and other visitors

This afternoon a lone young Coyote was wandering around on the road to my place, not common, but I have only seen two here earlier. At night I can hear them sing similar to a wolf pack, but not as scary. Did not get a picture of this one. About the size of “Bowie”, the Coyote is much slimmer and have taller legs and longer nose than most dogs.

  More images 

Finally did I get some pictures of one of the Band-tailed Pidgeons that have been around for a few weeks now. IMG_0010They are 15″, quite large, very pretty and very shy.

Many other visitors at the feeders.


Most of them tolerate to feed together, but the squirrels like to have it all by them selves.

I put some ashes on my flowerpots, a few Hummingbirds thought this was interesting, and actually came back several times to lick the ashes.


Hummingbirds are curious tiny birds.

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