Bears and Birds

A couple of days ago “Cody” the neighbour dog and sweet “Bowie” chased an animal towards the creek, I assumed it was a Raccoon,  more  images,  there are a few around and they are no problem as long as no garbage is left outside.

But, this was a small 2 year old black bear, he had turned over a few stumps I use as bird feeders, and taken a small plastic measuring cup I use as a scoop. Today I saw his droppings, just a few feet of the feeders. IMG_0091 His droppings are half the size of an adult, and all vegetable matters. It is probably the one cub that visited often last year with his mother, now foraging alone.

CIMG2700This another one, from an adult bear, 15 steps from my abode, just where I see out the window when working, he must have been here today before I got up.

CIMG2699Size compared to my toes, another big healthy black bear.

IMG_0065I now use wooden stumps as feeders, no damage when they are turned over. This wild Mallard pair stops by every evening, the Drake keeps watch, and the duck can get a meal. The nest is probably fairly close by.

IMG_0080The Hummingbird feeders are very busy, often line ups to get a few drops of nectar.

IMG_0076Here are four feeding at the same time at dusk.

IMG_0077Here are 3 coming in for landing.

IMG_0087Two feeding and one arriving. I sit for hours and just watch the graceful tiny birds. What a pleasure to help them.

IMG_0070Lost a squirrel friend this week, but have at least 4 active, and the owl need food too, but I would prefer if the owl took only rats.

IMG_0092 Cody, the neighbour dog, knows how to chase the bears away, or up in a tree, he has no fear whatsoever, and is happy with a bone now and then.

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