Black Bear droppings – and a fishing lake found – Loons call of the wild

On the trail into a hard to find fishing lake, this fresh droppings marked a welcome from a big and healthy black bear. This one the size of a normal horse dropping.

My fishing partner saw another smaller bear as we drove through a logging site. Lots of tracks of Elk and Deer.

CIMG2670The entrance to the trail was marked by some big rocks, but totally overgrown, as were the trail, and we did not find it the first time, so back to the tourist booth one more time.

CIMG2672A short hike led to this well hidden lake. An old fire pit had not been used for a long time.

CIMG2677The first thing I saw was two Loons in the middle of the lake. They called a few times, once when a large hawk was flying over at low height.

The last time I heard a Loon call was over 25 years ago. What a sound, what a sight. Almost a secret lake.

Images for Loons, the picture I took was not clear.  

CIMG2679The fish were small, too small to keep, but the one that got away was about this size.

A day fishing is an extra day in ones life, they do not count in your total days on this lovely earth. I will be back.

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