Fishing and camping in Egmont

A nice fishing and camping trip to Egmont, the first trip this year, but not the last


A $50 aluminum boat, some old orange paint, a pair of oars, some crab traps, and I was ready to take the dog and go.

CIMG2620-001 Bowie all excited to go, she loves to travel.

CIMG2624Campsite at West’s Resort, a really pearl of a camping place. Commercial prawn boat in background.

CIMG2647-001Getting help from Ed and James to launch the boat, Captain Island in background, and Hotham Sound behind, Jervis Inlet to the right.

CIMG2636My happy camper friend Ed was there already, welcome table set with all the right stuff


Nice life to be campers, Ed and James relaxing in the shadow

CIMG2621-001A fantastic view in every direction, perfect place to stay, but book ahead. West’s Resort

CIMG2635West’s Resort, I will be back for sure

I am not going to lie about the fishing, but fresh fish for dinner,

beach full of oysters, good friends, what more does a man need.

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