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Quinoa = solution to world famine ?

Quinoa a plant from Peru, can be the food solution for a starving world. Article in Aftenposten – if translation needed – use Google translate Images of Quinoa  –  see them all here      as you see there is no limits to … Continue reading

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Washington ISA Study on wild and farmed salmon

BC Salmon Farmers Welcome Results of Washington ISA Study Thursday, May 30, 2013 The BC Salmon Farmers Association is welcoming a new study by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife that shows infectious salmon anemia (ISA) is not present … Continue reading

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Black Bear droppings – and a fishing lake found – Loons call of the wild

On the trail into a hard to find fishing lake, this fresh droppings marked a welcome from a big and healthy black bear. This one the size of a normal horse dropping. My fishing partner saw another smaller bear as … Continue reading

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A single visit ?

At the bird feeder this afternoon came a first visit of a nice small bird with a blue head. I ran to get the camera and the bird book, but by that time he was gone. According to the book … Continue reading

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Watch these Google Earth images

Google earth images taken over time  

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American Goldfinch pair visiting

For a couple of days now, I have had an American Goldfinch pair visiting. Hopefully they will nest close by, or move into one of the birdhouses. I have also heard the Mourning Dove a few times, but not seen … Continue reading

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Fishing and camping in Egmont

A nice fishing and camping trip to Egmont, the first trip this year, but not the last A $50 aluminum boat, some old orange paint, a pair of oars, some crab traps, and I was ready to take the dog … Continue reading

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