People I have met, and some have made an impression on me!

Getting to sleep last night, I started thinking of all the nice, important and varied people I have met in my lifetime, until now. Even my kids do not know the people that have made impressions on me, and formed me to the person I am.

From Nikita Khrushchev to Jim Reeves, from Billy Graham to Liza Minelli, and many more  that have been within eyesight, or  I have actually met and talked to. This will take some time, and I will start from the beginning.

A portrait shot of an older, bald man with bifocal glasses. He is wearing a blazer over a collared shirt and tie. In his hands, he is holding a set of papers. 

I will start a new headline above,

and if you feel left out, it is still time to make an impression on me.

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