Harry Bekke – In Memoriam

My fondest memories of Harry Bekke, is standing at the top of Whistler Mountain, last run down, after a long day of fantastic skiing, and Harry would chose the most difficult way down, and it was always a race.

This was in the 60’s. Harry was one of the first persons I meet when I came to Canada in ’66. He sold me a BCAA membership for my first car. When I found out that he spoke Norwegian, we bonded as long time friends.

My middle name is Harry, some had started calling me that, but we could not have two of them, so my name was Oddvin from then on, and nobody ever found a short name for that.
Scan0002I started out making and importing Scandinavian furniture, and Harry was a skillful interior designer. He shoved me all the local ski mountains, introduced me to many of his friends, all fun skiers.

The was not a single place in Vancouver, or west for Toronto they said, where one could purchase x -country and jumping skis in ’66. We started Scandia Shi Shop at 4th and Burrard, and run it until ’78. Siggi took over all the inventory and carried on.

scandia ski 3

My sister had some pictures from the shop, on the top picture Harry is in the middle, dark clothing, looking down. The others are my brother Lidvar, and manager Gordon, helping a customer.

Scandia Ski Shop_0002Nice customers and my brother sitting in the back. There must be many pictures of Harry, I will post them as I find them. I have only found memories of this time. There are many stories to be told about this fun times, old wooden army skis # 114 is one of them.

Harry was a true Gentleman, always impeccable dressed, I believe always tailor-made. I remember his big green Chrysler as one of the nicest cars around.

I was lucky to spend many happy days skiing at Whistler, and overnight at his cabin there, the one with the “church” steeple on the roof.

From ’79 I worked out-of-town, and we lost contact. I spent time in Burns Lake, Sechelt, Okanagan, and the last 14 years in Norway. Coming back to Canada and the Sunshine Coast I was really happy and surprised when I met Harry at the Lighthouse Pub. After all these years Harry had not changed a bit, my be changed to an artist style hat.

I now met Harry a few times, shared some memories, and had nice talks.

I am sad to see you gone. My Condolences to Patricia and family.

I would have liked to have you around, your memory will last for ever.

Thank You !

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