RHS Photographer of the Year 2012, The Telegraph,UK

Here are the fantastic garden photos of the year thanks to The Telegraph, UK.

My choice is :This yearís 2012 RHS Photographic Competition winners are announced. Alex berryman wins 1st place in the Young Photographer (age 11-17) category and the title RHS Young Photographer of the Year, out of thousands of entries from around the world www.rhs.org.uk/photocomp

The RHS Young Photographer of the Year 2012 title has been awarded to Alex Berryman. Alex, aged 15, says: “I was lucky enough to have a pair of robins nesting in my garden and happened to be outside with my camera at the moment they fledged. The birds were unable to fly and were extremely vulnerable. Eventually one hopped up onto a post, and I began to snap away. The bird was constantly calling for its mother and this is what enabled me to get the shot. Sometimes the best wildlife can be found right on our doorsteps. I am extremely pleased to have won the competition, and even more so to have won it with one of my favourite photographs.”

James Arnold, the competition organiser, says: “The judges have been astounded by the extraordinary quality of images which both categories, under-11s and 11–17 year-olds, have produced. It was very difficult to choose a winner, but Alex’s sharp wildlife study of a young robin, beak wide open and with fantastic texture of youthful feathers, stood out as the winner.”

Picture: Alex Berryman

Here are some of my own pictures, also favorites of mine.

I still have many squirrel friends, but lost some to the owls

baby hummingbird resting

two out of four owlets – baby owls, had them around for a few weeks while learning to fly

have to see what is going on

this baby hummingbird was company for a few days, until he figured out where the food was

It was a good spring and summer, now it is back to feeding the winter visitors

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