Two boats – one almost ready to go – one half stripped down.

As a pensioner I need something to do, and I love boats, as much as I love fishing. I hate to see good boats, or hulls, go to waste.

One 17′ Boston Whaler is ready to serve on the ocean again, one 24,5′ Grew is now half stripped down, and will be re-built over winter. (PS. I got it for free, and using much donated materials and tools)

one restored and ready to serve – one to be stripped down

all this and more to come out

deck, tank and forward still to come out

stern full of rotten playwood, half way removed

And in case you are wondering why all this work is worth it ?

a classic beautiful hull

The grew 24,5′ have a classic beautiful hull, real seaworthy, and she will roam the oceans again, this time  with only one engine, turbo diesel with duo props.

I will keep you posted on progress over winter.

 pictures from the net.

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