Winter is coming – you want to be safe and confortable in a Norwegian Jail

Some Norwegian Jail’s are like a luxury hotel, all the conveniences, all the comfort.

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“Former U.S. prison director visited the Norwegian prison and got the shock of prison conditions. BEAR DRILLING Tuesday 2 October 2012 kl.14: 34  TIP U.S. 2400

NICE: The interior of the Halden prison is a few notches above the Conway ‘experience with the American prison system. Photo: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet

KOS: Inmates can enjoy with your family in style in Halden prison family. Photo: NINA HANSEN (Dagbladet): James Conway has 38 years experience in the American prison system. For eight years he was head of the infamous Attica prison in upstate New York, where 39 people died in a prisoner uprising in 1971.

He retired in 2010, but last year he visited a number of Scandinavian prisons together with Finnish television to make a documentary.

This weekend Conway spoke about his impressions of the new Halden prison in the local newspaper Batavia News.

The Norwegian prison, which opened in 2010, has attracted much international attention with its high degree of comfort. Conway was very surprised by what he saw in Norway’s new super prison.

– I had read a little about Halden Prison in advance, but when I arrived it was difficult for me to understand that I was in prison, said Conway told Dagbladet.

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Nitommers screen
While he ruled Attica prison, he struggled to get enough money to paint the old showers.

In Halden he saw a prisoner library that was better than the libraries of many of the schools in his neighborhood through the U.S., recording studio for prisoners and cells with their own flat screen TVs and refrigerators.

In his notes he describes first impressions as follows: “I had to blink to make sure that I was still in prison.”

– In the United States caught a small tv in sharing a living. In Attica, you can buy a separate monitor nitommer to the cell. If my prisoners had designed his dream prison, they would sign Halden prison. We would never let our inmates get video games, said Conway told Dagbladet.

He would not say whether he thinks it is too luxurious. He believes the conditions are little comparable, partly because a far larger portion of the population is incarcerated in the United States.

Which means less money per prisoner.

– We need to give this time to see if it works. Just like in the U.S., it is a major problem in Scandinavia with relapse of former prisoners. Another surprise was that Conway Norwegian prisoners actually have some privacy.

Cleanliness and the advanced safety systems defendant the experienced prison boss, and the tone between inmates and staff was another surprise.

– In the U.S., there is much animosity between inmates and staff. Here there was a mutual respect, just like the outside walls. In Scandinavia respecting pedestrian traffic, they do not in New York.

Nice ladies officers. Other things he was more critical.

– I saw many things we would see as unsafe. We would not leave prisoners metal cutlery or let it sit loose furniture in the common rooms. The bolts we stuck to the floor. We have learned from many events, says Conway.

To the local paper, he notes that Scandinavian prisons rarely have to deal with the discovery of mutilated corpses in cells. He was also surprised
number of female prison officers.

– 40 percent of the employees are women. Many of them were very attractive, he says to Dagbladet.- Low violence Management Halden Prison realize their American guest was a little surprised.

-We fully understand that Conway thinks this is a little different than his reality. It’s a brand new prison, Norwegian politicians have embodied humanism and normality as key values ​​for Norwegian prisons, said Deputy Chairman Jan Strømnes prison in Halden prison to Dagbladet.

He said that the level of conflict is much lower in Halden prison. And why is that? The inmates with us are active throughout the day. If they had been locked in a basement 23 hours a day we had had much more violence, says Strømnes.

-He thinks you have nice guards? -Our female employees is an average of the population. It is advantageous to have many women on staff. It does something to the dialogue between prisoners and staff, and reduces the level of conflict. ”

OPPHOLDSROM: Her kan fanger ta det med ro og spille tv-spill.<br /><br /><br /><br /> Foto: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet

This is a typical family room – sorry – a prison cell.

ENEROM: Slik ser en av cellene ut i fengselet. Flatskjermen henger over senga.<br /><br /><br /><br /> Foto: Heiko Junge / Scanpix

TV screen with news, movies and porno, convenient on the wall above the bed.

INTERIØR: Halden fengsel ble nominert til en prestisjetung arkitektpris i 2011.<br /><br /><br /><br /> Foto: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet

Church, or room to practice your religion- LUKSUS: Frp-Michaelsen mener dette er for mye luksus for dømte kriminelle.<br /><br /><br /><br /> Foto: Heiko Junge / Scanpix

You are in jail. your neighbours are right next door, no lawn in between

GOOGLE Translation. (Dagbladet): Parliament Annie Michaelsen (FRP) believe Halden prison is not money, the benefits other than convicted criminals who are bored.

– If you do a criminal act that will affect and it will feel like a criminal. The whole point of a sentence is that one should think that this one will never experience again, Michaelsen says to Dagbladet.

The Norwegian prison, which opened in 2010 and had a price tag of 1.5 billion, has attracted much international attention with its high degree of comfort.

Luxury – A former prison chief at the notorious Attica prison in New York, James Conway, recently visited Halden prison. Conway was very surprised by what he saw.

– I had read a little about Halden Prison in advance, but when I arrived it was difficult for me to understand that I was in prison, said Conway told Dagbladet.

Michaelsen reacted strongly to the luxury prisoners can play in.

– It is a given that prisoners receive food, shelter and the opportunity to choose a new path to freedom. It’s not a given that they have a standard that exceeds that found in luxury hotels. This is a waste of tax money that either could be used in other important areas such as education and elderly care. Only art in prison alone cost over seven million, said Michaelsen.

Want sobriety
Frp politician stressed that she did not want any prison as the U.S. for example, where conditions are far worse than in Norway.

– We will of course have primitive conditions in prison, but we would like to see that prison conditions were more sober. It should not be like that it’s more attractive to be in prison than to not do it. Prison is a punishment and then it feels like it, she says.

– But is not the rehabilitation of Norwegian catches a success story?

– The government boasts that Norway is the best on the recidivism rates for the first two years after completion of sentence compared with the other Scandinavian countries. That’s right, but other countries expect recidivism after five years. There Norway has also a high recidivism, said Michaelsen.

What do you think about the standard of Norwegian prisons? Write your opinion in the comments below!

– Rob a bank
I build accounts to the new super-prison is also interior designers and consultants for major expenses.

– The government has really exerted themselves here and Halden Prison was actually nominated for a prestigious architectural award! There are probably not many people in prison in the world who have been there, said Michaelsen.

– Simply put, it’s almost so you should encourage grandma to rob a bank. In prison, she can at least take a shower every day, join in activities, make your own stylish and space and get paid. There are not a nursing home, said Michaelsen.

– Not Luxury
Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Paul Lønseth, dismisses the criticism.

– Annie Michaelsen and FRP should look at the results obtained in the Correctional Service of Norway. There they will find many arguments that our approach to crime prevention is effective and that the recurrence rate is low compared with other countries, said Lønseth to Dagbladet.

The Secretary of State does not think it’s used too much money at Halden prison.

– I mean prison keeps a good and decent level, but it is far from luxury. The emphasis is on functionality and that the prison can be operated safely and effectively, he said.

– What is art to seven million to do with this?

– There is only positive that there are artistic expressions in prison. It helps to normalize daily life, think Lønseth.

Saves Money
Government policy is that there should be minimal differences between life inside and life on the outside.

– It’s detention as punishment, says Lønseth.

– If you run prisons so FRP wishes, there will be more violence in the prison. This applies to both inmates among themselves, but also between inmates and staff. Then you will have a disadvantage to rehabilitate. All in all this save society a lot of money, he says.
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I have never been in jail, but these premises are far better than some places I have lived,

and sure looks better than where I now live very comfortably !

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